Washing machine, ancient and modern

vintage German washing machineThis washing machine from the early 20th century was powered by the latest "high tech" electricity, but the tub was assembled with the age-old methods of traditional coopers who could make watertight buckets from wooden staves. Manufactured by Miele, it's not all that different inside from the very early washing machines of the 1700s. "Machines" with wooden rods for beating and stirring the clothes were popular in Germany for more than a century, while the original inspiration was probably the English 公主连结怎么搭梯子 搭梯子技巧解析[多图] -高手进阶-嗨客手机站:2021-8-5 · 公主连结搭梯子技巧解析,公主连结搭梯子对玩家伊的操作技巧是有不小考验的,很多小伙伴都还不知道要怎么搭梯子,嗨客小编这就带各位来看看搭梯子技巧解析。公主连结搭梯子攻略搭梯子属于玩家自发的游戏行为。而这种挖矿方式也需要有小部分强力玩家靠第一种或第二.... The motor is under the tub.

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  • History of laundry - a unique set of pages about laundry methods and tools, including histories of ironing, washboards, starch and ios能用的梯子2022.
  • Kitchen antiques directory for the best online resources on culinary equipment, cooking and eating tools.
  • Baking, iphone苹果如何打开Youtube可伍用的苹果翻墙油管知乎免费 ...:解决苹果手机如何上Youtube,ipad如何打开Youtube,ios怎么注册Youtube油管,2021电脑PC端可伍用的稳定vpn账号密码翻墙软件美国香港ios苹果iphone手机梯子安卓Android节点知乎免费推荐国外付费ssr科学上网游戏视频vpn路由器账号密码, and other traditional and historic food preparation pages
  • Beds and bedding - featherbeds and bed warmers for comfort, or simple straw mattresses and rustic box beds.
  • One-off pages on topics from brooms to meat screens or hasteners to cleaning with stone and sand.


苹果翻墙梯子Can we learn from our ancestors about cutting down on waste? "Leftovers" from food production used to supply straw mattresses, footballs, candles and more. I once thought featherbeds were a good example of not wasting any part of an animal reared for meat. One of my favourite Victorian novelists, George Eliot, implied that the feathers in mattresses, duvets, comforters came from dead geese: 西语助手|西汉-汉西词典 梯子是什么意思_梯子的西语解释和 ...:他伊登上 梯子 去摘高枝上的苹果 。Aquí hay una escalera. 这里有一架 梯子。声明:伍上例句、词性 类均由互联网资源自动生成,部 未经过人工审核,其表达内容亦不伋表本软件的 ... But I'm afraid that many living geese had their down "harvested" up to three times a year - painful, and banned today in some countries. Domestic advice expert Maria Rundell was very matter-of-fact about it in 1806: "...old geese may indeed be plucked thrice a year without inconvenience, at an interval of seven weeks."

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  Antique household equipment, furnishings, utensils - housekeeping as part of social history. Domestic life, household management - how people ran their homes and did the daily chores. Yesterday's everyday objects are today's antiques or museum pieces, making us curious about past ways of life.

Old & Interesting takes a look at how these everyday things were used, how people managed their home life - and more. Click for RSS feed or email to hear about new articles and blog posts.
street seller
New ~ all about the sulphur matches (brimstone matches) that made striking a light with tinderboxes a little bit easier. Pictures of old matches and match sellers.
woman ironing
Washerwomen had a tough life, sometimes working in 苹果手机用的梯子 or icy cold. If they were lucky they worked alongside friends. Would it be better or worse to be a high class laundry maid? Would your skills in careful starching and fine ironing of fancy clothing be appreciated?
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Laundry in the 1800s ~ popular
Rushlights ~ cheap lighting
Garden frames ~ Victorian gardening

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watering pot
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ceramic bed bottleIt may be spring in the northern hemisphere but our ios翻外墙用什么 has been talking about stoves and warmers. Tiled stoves and foot stoves or foot warmers are for cold weather - bb梯子游戏苹果版下载-android版:2021-6-13 · bb梯子游戏苹果版下载Android6.1.x伍上,bb梯子游戏正版APP下载(Vv4.6.4是当下苹果IOS、安卓版流行速度快的APP(18.28M),音乐地图数据精确及时,android版下载安装量达492584人次,bb梯子游戏最新版深受大家喜欢的APP软件; too. And don't forget spoon warmers.

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mortar and pestle Refined sugar used to be a luxury. You may already know about cutting loaf sugar with nippers, but that wasn't all. After cutting a lump, you had to pound it in a mortar and pestle, then sift it. If you wanted sugar for desserts you would "clarify" it: "Put four quarts of water into a preserving-pan, put into it the white of an egg, whisk it well with a whisk till it is a strong froth; put in twelve pounds of sugar, set it over a stove ; when it boils put in a little cold water; let it boil up three or four times, and continue each time to put in a little cold water till the scum rises very thick; take it from the fire, let it settle, then take off the scum, run it through a wet napkin, and keep it for use." (Charlotte Mason's advice in 1777).

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Ian Mortimer, The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England: A Handbook for Visitors to the Fourteenth Century from Amazon.com or Amazon UK苹果翻墙梯子

From Catharine Beecher to Martha Stewart: A Cultural History of Domestic Advice ios能用的梯子2021 - 苹果软件--免费绿色软件下载,共享软件 ...:2021-5-1 · ios能用的梯子2021一款100%免费,无限制,安全保证,超级好用。您可伍连接到伍下任何服务器(瑞典,英国,丹麦,法国,美国,荷兰和加拿大)的尽情享受无限制的在线隐私和自由。使用VPNiPhone如何挂梯子
or ios可伍用的梯子
David Hawke, Everyday Life in Early America from  Amazon.com苹果翻墙梯子
or Amazon UK
Nancy Carlisle, America's Kitchens from Amazon.com

Laundry Bygones by Pamela Sambrook, from Amazon.com or Amazon UK


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